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The mission and vision of Turtle Survival Alliance
– Conservation efforts and strategies employed by Turtle Survival Alliance
– The role of education and community engagement in turtle conservation
– How Turtle Survival Alliance collaborates with zoos and other wildlife organizations
– The impact of global partnerships on turtle conservation outcomes

Turtle Survival Alliance stands at the forefront of global efforts to prevent the extinction of turtle species. Founded in response to the escalating crisis of turtle poaching and habitat loss, this organization has carved out a significant niche in wildlife conservation, focusing on one of the planet’s most ancient creatures. Turtles, having survived since the age of the dinosaurs, face unprecedented threats in the modern world, from habitat destruction to the illegal pet trade. Turtle Survival Alliance works tirelessly to address these challenges, employing a multifaceted approach to conservation that spans scientific research, habitat protection, and policy advocacy.

At its core, the mission of Turtle Survival Alliance revolves around creating a secure future for turtles on Earth. The vision extends beyond mere survival; the aim is to see turtle populations thrive in their natural habitats. To achieve this, Turtle Survival Alliance has developed and implemented conservation strategies as dynamic and diverse as the species they seek to protect. These strategies include breeding programs for critically endangered species, habitat restoration projects, and efforts to combat wildlife trafficking.

Education and community engagement are vital to Turtle Survival Alliance’s conservation efforts. By informing the public about the critical situation facing turtles and their ecosystem roles, the organization fosters a broader understanding and appreciation for these creatures. Educational programs, often run in partnership with zoos and schools, aim to inspire a new generation of conservationists. Community-based conservation initiatives empower local populations to protect their native turtle species, combining traditional knowledge with scientific expertise to create sustainable solutions.

Collaboration is a key element of Turtle Survival Alliance’s approach to turtle conservation. Turtle Survival Alliance amplifies its impact by working closely with zoos, aquariums, and other wildlife organizations. Zoos are invaluable partners in breeding endangered turtles, providing the necessary expertise and a haven for species on the brink of extinction. These partnerships extend the reach of Turtle Survival Alliance’s conservation efforts, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources across continents.

The success of turtle conservation on a global scale hinges on the strength of international partnerships. Turtle Survival Alliance has established a network of allies comprising conservationists, researchers, and volunteers worldwide. This global partnership model has proven effective in amplifying the organization’s efforts, from rescuing turtles intercepted by smugglers to reintroducing species back into the wild. The collaborative work also helps to influence policy changes that protect turtles, demonstrating the power of united efforts in wildlife conservation.

Turtle Survival Alliance’s role in protecting turtles from extinction is critical. With a strategic approach that interweaves conservation tactics, education, and partnerships, the organization is making significant strides toward its goal. Turtles’ challenges are immense, but through the concerted efforts of the Turtle Survival Alliance and its allies, there is hope for a future where turtles continue to thrive in their natural habitats. The dedication to preserving these remarkable reptiles benefits turtle populations and supports the health and diversity of ecosystems around the globe.


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We are devoted, curious, passionate people leading the charge to end tortoise and freshwater turtle extinctions worldwide.

Formed in 2001 and gaining nonprofit status in 2004, Turtle Survival Alliance is a global conservation organization that works to create a planet where tortoises and freshwater turtles can thrive in the wild. Our science-based initiatives are directed by local leaders, inspiring sustainable, community-based stewardship to prevent extinctions. Where populations cannot yet thrive in the wild, our captive breeding programs preserve opportunities for their future survival.

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