Celebrating Our 90th Anniversary: Big News!

Brookfield Zoo Chicago announces a comprehensive rebranding as part of its 90th anniversary
– Introduction of a new mantra, “Connect. Care. Conserve,” signifies a deeper commitment to wildlife conservation
– The unveiling of the bold Next Century Plan frames future transformation aims for global conservation impact and visitor experience enhancement
– Importance of zoological parks in education, conservation, research, and connecting people with wildlife

Brookfield Zoo Chicago celebrates a momentous milestone, announcing its evolution from a revered institution into a forward-thinking beacon of conservation and education as it embraces a significant rebranding on its 90th anniversary. This substantial transformation underlines the zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation and research and offers an enriched visitor experience. By introducing its new identity, Brookfield Zoo Chicago takes a crucial step towards addressing the pressing challenges of conservation while fostering a deeper connection between humans and the natural world.

The essence of Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s refreshed brand is encapsulated in its new mantra, “Connect. Care. Conserve.” This powerful statement reflects the organization’s holistic approach to conservation, emphasizing the importance of fostering meaningful connections between people and wildlife, caring deeply about the natural world, and undertaking active conservation measures to protect it. As zoos play a pivotal role in wildlife education and conservation, adopting such a mantra aligns with the global objectives of preserving biodiversity and inspiring visitors to take action in their daily lives.

The announcement of the Next Century Plan marks a significant phase in Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s journey. This visionary strategy outlines a comprehensive framework for the zoo’s transformation, focusing on campus revamping, enriching wildlife encounters, and amplifying its global conservation footprint. By sharing this bold vision, Brookfield Zoo Chicago demonstrates its unwavering dedication to enhancing the visitor experience and its active role in addressing global conservation challenges.

Given the critical state of many wildlife species and ecosystems, zoological parks like Brookfield Zoo Chicago have evolved to become essential in biodiversity conservation. These institutions are not merely places for recreation and leisure but are active research centers where crucial studies on animal behavior, genetics, and reproductive biology are conducted. Zoos also play a significant part in breeding programs for endangered species, sometimes being the last refuge for certain animals facing extinction in the wild.

Moreover, zoos serve as educational platforms, engaging the public in environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation. By offering immersive experiences that bring visitors face-to-face with nature, Brookfield Zoo Chicago aids in fostering a sense of responsibility toward preserving our natural world. Through educational programs, exhibits, and conservation initiatives, the zoo encourages individuals to consider the impacts of their actions on global ecosystems.

As we gaze into the future, the role of zoological parks in conservation and education will undoubtedly become more critical. Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s innovative approach, marked by its rebranding, new mantra, and the Next Century Plan, serves as a testament to the evolving responsibilities of zoos. Through collaboration, research, and engaging the public, Brookfield Zoo Chicago aims to inspire a new generation of conservationists equipped to tackle the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

The commitment to “Connect. Care. Conserve.” goes beyond the confines of the zoo, stretching into the global conservation arena where Brookfield Zoo Chicago plays an active role. The zoo amplifies its impact far beyond its gates by engaging in international conservation projects, species reintroduction programs, and partnerships with other conservation organizations.

In summary, the evolution of Brookfield Zoo Chicago into a powerhouse of conservation and education reflects the changing dynamics of zoological parks in the modern world. The strategic rebranding and introduction of the Next Century Plan exemplify a deep-rooted commitment to wildlife preservation, research, and education. As Brookfield Zoo Chicago embarks on this exciting journey, it serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the crucial role zoos play in conservation and connecting individuals across the globe with the wonders of the natural world.



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📣 We have big news to share with you! As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we’re unveiling a new identity: Brookfield Zoo and its parent organization, the Chicago Zoological Society, are now Brookfield Zoo Chicago! It’s the first step in an exciting transformation for the Zoo’s next century.

We’ve also got a new mantra, “Connect. Care. Conserve,” soon, we’ll unveil our bold Next Century Plan – all part of a blueprint to transform our campus, make unforgettable wildlife connections, and propel global conservation efforts. Want to learn more about our exciting changes? Visit brookfieldzoo.org/NextCentury for details!

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