ECU Students: Work at the Aquarium Now!

– Exciting internship opportunity at the aquarium through ECU’s SECU Public Fellows Program.
– The benefits of hands-on experience in marine conservation and aquarium management.
– A look into the daily Life and responsibilities of aquarium interns and staff.
– Understanding the educational and career pathways fostered by an aquarium internship.
– How participating in an internship can develop skills and contribute to the future of marine ecology and wildlife conservation.

Are you at a crossroads in your academic journey, itching for an experience that transcends the confines of classrooms and textbooks? If your heart races at the thought of marine Life and your mind is awash with curiosity about the underwater world, you may find the upcoming opportunity utterly compelling.

An aquarium is a window to the mesmerizing aquatic world and a platform for critical conservation efforts and education. Students at East Carolina University are on the brink of a formidable chance to dive into this realm through the SECU Public Fellows Program, which is extending an internship opportunity with a delightful twist – active engagement in the operational heart of the aquarium.

Imagine the pulsating excitement of being up close with species that most only see through glass barriers, from the delicate orchestrations of jellyfish ballets to the symphony of colors that schools of tropical fish exhibit. But the role of an intern extends far beyond the enchantment. An intern is the nexus between these aquatic wonders and the public, between conservation advocacy and actionable science.

Here’s a glimpse into the myriad of ways this internship will shape not just your academic and professional trajectory but also your personal growth:

Firstly, you’ll gain an insider’s view of aquarium operations as intricate and complex as the ecosystems housed within. This includes learning the nuts and bolts of animal husbandry, such as diet preparation and health assessments, and maintaining life-support systems replicating various marine Life’s natural environments. The attention to detail and level of care you’ll develop during this period is invaluable.

Secondly, your communication and educational outreach skills will flourish as you interact with visitors. The power to inspire conservation ethos in others begins with a single conversation, and this internship will have you weaving tales of the sea that captivate and educate, potentially sparking a generational shift in ecological awareness.

Furthermore, let us not overlook the importance of research. Being part of a team contributing to ongoing studies and habitat preservation initiatives hones your analytical and data collection skills. This research is not a mere academic pursuit; it’s pivotal for creating effective strategies to protect marine biodiversity.

As if the aspects above aren’t motivating enough, consider how well-rounded your resume will look. Experience in an aquarium setting demonstrates your adaptability, dedication, and passion for marine Life – qualities highly sought by prospective employers and graduate programs alike.

By now, if the prospect of being an intern at an aquarium feels like a siren’s call, let’s delve deeper into the essence of this extraordinary undertaking.

**A Day in the Life of an Aquarium Intern**

What does an average day entail for an aquarium intern? ‘Average’ is a misnomer here, as each day brings new challenges and learnings. From pre-dawn fish feedings to twilight reflections on the wonders you’ve assisted that day, your experiences will be as diverse as the marine Life you work amongst.

You will engage in the daily diet preparations, ensuring each aquatic denizen receives the nutrition they need – a task that teaches the complex web of ecological relationships. You may also find yourself shadowing aquarists as they perform health checks, gaining firsthand knowledge on the medical aspects of marine animal care.

Then there’s habitat maintenance – a crucial piece of the puzzle. You’ll learn about water chemistry, filtration systems, and the meticulous attention required to simulate natural environments. These skills extend beyond the aquarium walls and can be applied to various ecological and conservation fields.

**Educational Pathways and Future Careers**

An internship at the aquarium aligns you with potential careers in marine biology, veterinary sciences, conservation policy, and education, to name a few. It’s a stepping-stone to becoming a professional voice for the oceans’ mysteries and guardians.

Education at the intersection of conservation and the public sphere lays down a path to become a catalyst for change. Whether your future holds the title of marine biologist, educator, or conservation advocate, the knowledge and skills acquired during your internship guide you toward a meaningful vocation in marine science.

**The Ripple Effect of Your Internship**

Internships are not just about the immediate impact. By contributing to marine Life’s well-being and the public’s education, you ignite a ripple effect that traverses through the community and beyond. The conservation measures you support through your participation in this internship can lead to more sustainable practices and habitat protections that ensure the vitality of marine ecosystems for generations to come.


If the ocean’s call resonates with you, this opportunity is a treasure trove of personal and professional growth. At the crossing where curiosity meets conservation, your actions become the legacy you leave behind – a testament to your care for the underwater world. The aquarium internship through ECU’s SECU Public Fellows Program invites you to plunge into an ocean of possibilities.

Let this be the next current to carry you forward in your journey as a student, a scientist, and a steward of the sea. Visit the website provided in the outreach for more information and immerse yourself in an opportunity that could very well define the contours of your future.

When we consider the living tapestry that stretches beneath the waves, we are reminded that we are all, in essence, custodians of this earth’s most expansive and mysterious frontier. Your participation as an intern is not just a role; it is a statement of purpose, a commitment to the marvels of the marine world. Take this step, and you may find that the depths you explore within the aquarium are matched only by the depth of impact you will have on our blue planet.



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ECU STUDENTS! Have you ever been interested in working at the aquarium? Now is your time! 🐡 🐠 🐟

We have an additional internship opportunity through ECU’s SECU public fellows program. Please visit our website through the link in our bio for more information.

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