Explore Wonders at Rolling Hills Zoo

Rolling Hills Zoo offers a fun-filled Spring Break experience for families.
– Educational activities at the Zoo contribute to wildlife conservation efforts.
– Zoo management strategically balances entertainment with conservation.
– The role of zoos in zoology education extends beyond mere observation.

As Spring Break ushered in the warm promises of new beginnings, families were invited to leave their routines and visit the Rolling Hills Zoo. Amid the thrill of adventure, the Zoo’s last Spring Break: GO WILD event, sponsored by Nu Image Audio, provided a perfect blend of education and entertainment. Unique in its mission and offerings, Rolling Hills Zoo facilitated a memorable outing and reinforced the importance of wildlife conservation through its carefully curated programs.

From visitors arriving at the gates to the sights and sounds of animals from different continents, the Rolling Hills Zoo transformed into a bustling hub of activity and learning. The Zoo was set to operate from 9 am to 5 pm, allowing ample time for guests to explore its diverse attractions. From the convenience of trams to delicious snack deals at the Overlook Restaurant, featuring $2 nachos and hot dogs, the Zoo ensured a comfortable and budget-friendly experience for all visitors.

The educational journey commenced with the Happy Brew Company trailer, which served various coffee drinks, gourmet s’mores, and other treats from 10 am to 3 pm. Simultaneously, Kona Sno Cones delivered a hint of coolness with their icy offerings. Meanwhile, kids experienced hands-on learning at the Kid’s Country Animal Feeding, where engagement with animals was as much about wonder as it was about education on the species’ habits and habitats.

Each station and encounter had a deeper purpose than entertainment alone. Touch carts around the Zoo offer tactile experiences designed to educate visitors on various animal adaptations. Chat sessions with zookeepers at different habitats, like those of the ostrich, highland cow, and colobus monkeys, provided insights into the lives and care of these animals. These encounters aimed to amuse and ignite a passion for conservation and a deeper respect for wildlife.

Zoo management played a pivotal role in orchestrating an event that stayed true to the Zoo’s mission of education and conservation. Striking a balance between fun and learning, schedules were meticulously planned to accommodate spontaneous discoveries and structured learning moments. For instance, the Ambassador Meet & Greet at Kid’s Country provided guests an intimate chance to learn about select animals directly from knowledgeable ambassadors.

Animal Feeding Encounters at the Giraffe Feed Station offered guests the extraordinary opportunity to interact with these majestic creatures. However, these interactions were carefully monitored to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals, signifying the Zoo’s commitment to responsible wildlife stewardship. The backing of sponsors such as the Bank of Tescott highlighted the community’s investment in such educational initiatives.

As a living classroom, the Rolling Hills Zoo plays an intrinsic role in broadening the public’s understanding of zoology and ecology. Zoos serve as windows to a wider world, where obfuscated species details emerge, fostering a connection between humans and nature. By actively participating in global efforts to preserve biodiversity, the Zoo reinforces the idea that every visitor can be a conservationist.

The Spring Break event at the Zoo exemplified how informal education can have a lasting impact. Visitors unconsciously absorbed knowledge through tactile engagements and direct contact with animal ambassadors. It became clear that public awareness and involvement are indispensable to secure a future for the world’s wildlife. This event juxtaposed fun with purpose and leisure with learning, fusing the enjoyment of Spring Break with the gravitas of global wildlife conservation efforts.

Collaborating with organizations like Nu Image Audio, the Bank of Tescott, and Rolling Hills Zoo demonstrated the positive outcomes of such partnerships in fostering an appreciation for the natural world. Transcending the confines of traditional zoological parks, it acts as a beacon of conservation education, melding scientific rigor with the joy of experiential learning. Here, understanding complex ecological systems is not a highbrow pursuit but a palpable part of a pleasurable day out.

The Zoo’s management carefully crafted the Spring Break schedule, ensuring that each element of the visitor experience served a dual purpose: to delight and enlighten. The harmony between educational content and recreational activities at Rolling Hills Zoo reflected a broader initiative within zoo management—to provide captivating experiences that also serve as conduits for wildlife conservation messaging.

In summary, Rolling Hills Zoo’s Spring Break: GO WILD was more than just a diversion; it was a nexus for families to encounter the wonders of animal life. Through active participation, collaborative efforts, and strategic zoo management, visitors are left with memories of joy and excitement and a renewed or newfound commitment to the caretaking of our shared planet and its incredible inhabitants.



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Take a break from the mundane and ordinary, and come to Rolling Hills Zoo during Spring Break: GO WILD, sponsored by Nu Image Audio!

This is our last SB: GW weekend, so take advantage of all our family-friendly FUN activities! We’re open 9 am – 5 pm, and our epic Spring Break festivities continue through this Sunday,

We’ll have trams running ($), and the Overlook Restaurant will also have $2 Nachos and $2 Hot Dogs!

Here is the SB: GW scheduled for Saturday, March 16th:
• 10 am – 3 pm – Happy Brew Company trailer ($) serving coffee drinks, ice cream floats, Italian sodas, and homemade gourmet s’mores
• 10 am – 3 pm – Kona Sno Cones ($)
• 10 am – 4 pm – Kid’s Country Animal Feeding ($3; while supplies last)
• 10 am – 4:30 pm – Touch Carts at various locations in the Zoo
• 10 am – Keeper Chat at Ostrich
• 10:30 am – Ambassador Meet & Greet at Kid’s Country
• 11 am – Animal Feeding Encounter ($5) at Giraffe Feed Station (Animal participation & weather dependent)
• 11:30 am – Ambassador Meet & Greet at Kid’s Country
• 1 pm – Keeper Chat at Highland Cow
• 2 pm – Keeper Chat at Colobus Monkeys

We’ll see you at the Zoo!

The Bank of Tescott sponsors Keeper Chats & Animal Feeding Encounters.

(All activities are subject to change without notice.)

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