Family: Callitrichidae

Callitrichidae includes a captivating group of small New World monkeys known as marmosets and tamarins. These primates are primarily found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, where they inhabit various ecosystems, from rainforests to savannas. Members of the Callitrichidae family are characterized by their small size, sharp teeth, claw-like nails, and often striking facial features. They are arboreal creatures, adept at moving through the trees, and their diets consist mainly of fruits, insects, and tree sap.

Within the Callitrichidae family are more than 60 species, each displaying unique behaviors and adaptations. Many species live in close-knit family groups, exhibiting cooperative breeding, where non-parental group members assist in caring for the young. This social structure is relatively rare among primates and has made them a subject of interest in behavioral studies. Callitrichids also play a vital role in their ecosystems as seed dispersers and pollinators. Unfortunately, many species within this family face threats from habitat loss, fragmentation, and the illegal pet trade. Conservation efforts are ongoing to protect these enchanting and ecologically important animals and their habitats.

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