Gorillas: The Majestic Primates of the Wild

Gorillas are majestic primates that have earned their place as one of nature’s most iconic species. They have evolved to become the largest extant primates, weighing in at up to 400 pounds and standing a full six feet tall. They live in various African nations, primarily in the Virunga Massif that spans Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

Physical Characteristics

Gorillas are primarily identified by their large size and impressive strength. They also possess a number of smaller physical characteristics that make them unique from other primates. These include a broad chest; large ears; short hair around the forehead, back and sides; and long arms which hang down nearly to their knees when standing upright.


Gorillas exhibit complex social behaviors ranging from intense bonds between family members to extremely aggressive behavior towards outsiders or potential predators. For example, gorillas will beat their chests for communication purposes or mark territory with feces or secretions from glands on their wrists. When it comes to sharing food or resources among family members, gorillas practice what is known as intergroup transferral—sharing with those outside of their immediate families.


Like other primates, gorillas have an omnivorous diet that consists mostly of vegetation such as fruits, leaves and stems along with some insects and small mammals like rodents. This diet provides all the necessary nutrients the animals need for health and growth.

Habitat & Human Interaction

Gorillas live mainly in rainforest habitats with dense foliage providing protection from potential predators such as leopards and chimpanzees. In recent years however this natural habitat has been destroyed due to human activity such as deforestation or land clearance for agricultural use. As a result, gorilla populations face serious threats including extinction if steps aren’t taken soon to protect them both in captivity (zoos) as well as in the wild through active conservation efforts by humans.

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