Situated in Springfield, Missouri, the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium is a state-of-the-art facility that celebrates those who hunt, fish, and act as stewards of the land and water. This expansive complex is a tribute to conservationists worldwide, founded by Johnny Morris, the CEO of Bass Pro Shops. The venue showcases over 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds amidst immersive wildlife galleries.

Visitors to Wonders of Wildlife can journey through a series of intricately designed habitats ranging from the swamps of Louisiana to the African plains. The 1.5-million-gallon aquarium adventure offers up-close views of saltwater and freshwater fish. There are interactive touch tanks, captivating art galleries, and an impressive collection of record-setting game animals. The museum offers a visual treat and educates visitors about the importance of conservation and the role of hunters and anglers in wildlife preservation.

Wonders of Wildlife is deeply committed to conservation education and advocacy. The institution partners with several leading wildlife organizations to promote conservation efforts and highlight sportsmen and sportswomen's role in preserving the great outdoors. A portion of every visitor's fee goes directly towards conservation efforts, ensuring that each guest contributes to wildlife protection.

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    350,000+ sq ft
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    Aquarium Adventure || The Wildlife Galleries || Shipwreck Room || Penguin Cove || The Swamp || Ozarks Woodlands || Great African Hall
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