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On Sentosa Island in Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the world's largest marine life parks. It is part of Resorts World Sentosa and offers a diverse collection of marine species from different regions of the world's oceans. The aquarium is designed to give visitors an immersive experience of the underwater world, from the shallow seas to the deep abyssal plains.

S.E.A. Aquarium offers a window into the diverse marine life found across the planet. The journey takes visitors through themed zones, each dedicated to a different ocean part, showcasing the biodiversity found in each region. The centerpiece is the Open Ocean habitat, featuring a massive viewing panel that gives visitors a panoramic view of marine species, including manta rays and schools of fish, swimming in the vast blue expanse.

S.E.A. Aquarium is committed to marine conservation, research, and education. They have several programs to raise awareness about the importance of marine biodiversity and the threats they face, like pollution and overfishing. Its conservation group, Guardians of the S.E.A.A., engages the public in conservation initiatives, marine animal rescues, and habitat restoration projects.

  • Zoo Size:
    20 acres
  • Number of Species on Display:
  • Number of Animals:
  • Key Exhibits:
    Shark Seas || Open Ocean Habitat || Coral Garden || Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea || South China Sea || East Africa || Red Sea || Arabian Gulf & Arabian Sea || Ocean Journey || Andaman Sea || Persian Gulf & Arabian Sea || Deep Sea Zone
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