SF Zoo: A Refuge for Endangered Species

– The conservation status and threats facing the Chacoan peccary – The role of SF Zoo in the conservation of endangered species like the Chacoan

Antonio’s Top Choice: Corn!

– The dietary preferences of capybaras and their natural feeding habits. – How corn fits into the dietary needs and health of capybaras, like Antonio.

Meet Jar, Our New Panda Pal!

– Introduction to Jar the raccoon and his role at the zoo – An overview of the North American raccoon’s biology and behavior – The

Wolverine Harrison Turns 17: Special Festivities

– Celebration of Harrison the wolverine‘s 17th Birthday with special animal enrichment – Insights into wolverine behavior, habitat, and the importance of environmental enrichment –

Zoo Gains Bamboo Donation From Boeger

– The integral role of donations, such as the bamboo thickets from Boeger Winery, in supporting the specialized dietary needs of animals like red pandas

Leucospermum Natively Flourishing Near South Coast

– The botanical characteristics and natural habitat of Leucospermum codifolium, commonly known as the Pincushion Flower. – The role of Leucospermum codifolium in ecosystem balance

Senior Keeper Ariel & Malia the Giraffe

* The captivating bond between the newest members of our giraffe family. * An exploration of giraffes’ unique family dynamics and social behavior. * Understanding

No More Monkeying Around

– Discover the captivating world of Goeldi’s monkeys, Jimi and George Michael, and their unique behaviors. – Uncover the playful yet complex activities that dominate

Przewalski’s Horses Unveiled on Horse Day

– Introducing the majestic Przewalski’s horses and their conservation significance – Celebrating National Day of the Horse with an enchanting twist for these wild equines

Holiday Anticipation Dips Productivity

– Exploring the behavioral patterns of white-handed gibbons and their response to a holiday season atmosphere – Understanding zoo animals’ reactions and adaptation to changes