Grass: A Snack and Bed for Addax!

Summary: 1. The Addax, a type of antelope, has unique adaptations to survive in harsh desert environments. 2. Grass is a food source and a

Celebrate Rhino Day at Blank Park Zoo!

Summary: 1. The significance of Happy Rhino Day at Blank Park Zoo 2. The unique characteristics and conservation status of black rhinos 3. The conservation

Kori Bustard at Blank Park Zoo

Summary: – The kori bustard is one of the largest birds in Africa and is known for its impressive size and unique characteristics. – These

Reticulated Giraffe Herd at Blank Park Zoo

Summary: 1. The Blank Park Zoo is home to a fascinating herd of Reticulated Giraffes. 2. These giraffes love exploring their habitat and foraging for