Essex Zoo & Hartshorn Arboretum at Event

– The significance of the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo and the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum in wildlife conservation and environmental education. – Details about the

April: Member Appreciation Month!

– Engaging with April’s Member Appreciation Month at the Savanna Café through exclusive discounts – Understanding the role of such initiatives in enhancing zoo visitor

Spring Fun for Our Animals: Send a Gift!

– The importance of enrichment items for animal welfare in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. – Behavioral enrichment: Understanding its impact on animal health and zoo

Meet the Keepers Event in One Week!

– The significance of Meet the Keepers events in fostering connections between zookeepers, animals, and the community – Educational components and experiences offered during Meet

Half of World’s Freshwater Turtles at Risk

– Freshwater turtles and tortoises face a severe threat of extinction, with human activities being a primary cause. – Conservation efforts at the Essex County

Nature Club: Zoo Namesake Hike

– Discover the wonder of exploring Turtle Back Rock through the Family Nature Club’s nature hike. – Experience outdoor arts and crafts that integrate lessons

Act Now: Support Groundbreaking Care

– Explore the critical role of modern zoos in conservation and wildlife care. – Dive into the current initiatives and efforts at Essex County Turtle

Swap Santa Hats for Tiaras at Holiday Lights

– Witness the magical fusion of festive cheer and fairy-tale wonder at the Holiday Lights Spectacular with the special addition of princesses. – Enjoy heartwarming