Elmwood Park Zoo’s Happy Holidays

– Discover how Elmwood Park Zoo spreads holiday cheer with an innovative “giraffe on a path” adoption program. – Learn about the unique experiences a

Challenges Of A Zoo Vet Tech

– Diverse daily tasks that keep every day exciting and unpredictable for zoo veterinary technicians – The emotional challenges and fulfilling rewards of providing medical

Happy Halloween!

Summary: 1. The Happy Halloween and It’s a Pumpkin Party at Elmwood Park Zoo is a unique and exciting event that combines Halloween festivities with

Athena Chiu’s Animal Check-ups

Summary: 1. The importance of animal check-ups in zoos 2. The role of veterinary technicians in ensuring animal well-being 3. A behind-the-scenes look at Elmwood

POV: You and Your BFF at the Sleepover

Summary: 1. The anticipation of arriving at a sleepover with your best friend is filled with excitement and joy. 2. A sleepover is a time