RWPZoo Welcomes New Animal Members

– Introduction to Nico, the newborn Linne’s two-toed sloth at RWPZoo – The significance of sloth births in zoos and their impact on education and

Longer Hours From April 1: Meet Kendji!

– Extension of zoo opening hours to accommodate more visitors and improve experience – The role of zoological parks in wildlife conservation and education –

Dinnertime: Bringing the Zoo to You

– The nutritional needs and dietary preferences of various zoo animals during dinnertime – Best practices in zoo management for feeding times to promote animal

Celebrating World Frog Day at RWPZoo

– Overview of HOPPY World Frog Day and its significance for frog conservation – The role of frogs as indicator species in ecosystems and ongoing

St. Patrick’s Day Greetings From RWPZoo

– Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at RWPZoo with themed animal enrichment and festive activities – Zookeeper Brett and team creating a festive and educational experience

Tenrec Dust Bathing Behavior

– The behavioral significance of the Tenrec dust bath and its implications on their physical health. – The impact of environmental factors on the Tenrec

2023 RWPZoo Year-End Gratitude

– The triumphant strides in animal conservation efforts successfully undertaken this year – Engaging educational programs that connected our community to the natural world –

Celebrating Art and Animal Care Union

– Exploring the intersection of art and animal care through innovative enrichment projects. – The role of design and creativity in enhancing the well-being of

Belated Cheetah Day: 75MPH Spotted Speedsters

– Discover the remarkable abilities of cheetahs that go beyond their renowned speed, illustrating their unique communication methods through sounds. – Explore the anatomical adaptations,

Celebrating National Philanthropy Day

– Celebrating National Philanthropy Day with a spotlight on the Development & Membership team’s role in supporting nonprofit organizations like zoos. – Exploring the exciting