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What to Do at the Zoo? 6 Pro Tips & 10 Must Dos!

There’s nothing more fascinating than watching animals in their natural habitat. Luckily, the zoo offers the perfect opportunity to witness it firsthand.

And what makes a day at the zoo even more special is sharing it with loved ones, creating memories that last a lifetime. 

But if you’re a first-time visitor, you’re probably wondering how you can make the most of your trip. 

This guide is your ticket to discovering all the activities and experiences that will make your day at the zoo truly memorable. 

But before we start, let’s review some things to remember while planning your trip.

What to Do at the Zoo?

Some Practical Tips for Spending a Fantastic Day at the Zoo

A day at the zoo can be one of the best trips for you and your family if you properly plan for it. 

Here are a few practical tips to help you do just that and make the most of your time at the zoo.

Tip 1: Slow Down and Enjoy your Time

Each exhibit is packed with excitement, from majestic lions to playful monkeys. Don’t rush through it all. 

Take your time to really appreciate each activity. Listen to the guides, ask questions, and soak up the atmosphere. 

The zoo is a place to relax and enjoy, not rush through like a checklist. So, slow down, take a breath, and let the magic of the zoo unfold at its own pace.

Tip 2: Bring Your Own Food (Or Not!)

Zoo trips can be long and tiring. Which is why you need to keep your energy up throughout the trip by bringing your snacks and water. 

Granted, most zoos have restaurants and cafes where visitors can stop to eat. But these are usually packed with people, with visitors waiting in queues to enter. 

Plus, they can be really expensive, so it’s just better to bring your own healthy snacks that you can munch on while you walk. 

Tip 3: Remember to Pack the Essentials

In order to get the full experience, you’ll probably have to spend close to an entire day at the zoo, with the sun shining the brightest. In cases like this, packing the essentials and preparing them is important. 

Keeping that in mind, make sure you keep sunscreen, hats, comfortable shoes, and multiple water bottles in your bag before you leave the house. 

Tip 4: Choose a Less Busy Time

Keep in mind that a crowded zoo can make it very difficult for you to enjoy all the activities you had planned out. So we’d advise planning your trip on a weekday when most of the crowd is at work. 

We’d also advise avoiding the midday heat by arriving either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 

Tip 5: Study the Map Carefully

You’re probably going to be handed a map as soon as you enter the zoo. Make sure to look this over closely and identify the spots you’re going to visit before you start moving. 

Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with the layout and plan the route you’re going to take. 

Tip 6: Respect the Animals and Their Space

This is probably the most essential tip on this list:

Make sure you give every animal its space and respect its boundaries. Refrain from throwing any objects at them, and stop your kids from doing so as well. Additionally, keep your distance at all times and not make any loud noises when you’re near them. This is their home, and they deserve to be respected.

Top 10 Things You Can Do at The Zoo

1. Visit and Feed the Animals


A zoo is the only place where you can freely interact with animals you would otherwise never get to see in the wild. From lions, elephants, giraffes, and apes, to multiple different species of birds, zoos are home to all kinds of creatures.

The zoo also allows you to take in their behavior, learn about their habitat and diet, and monitor their interactions with each other. 

But the best part? You even get to feed them! Just imagine yourself looking into the eyes of a tall, towering giraffe who’s wagging his tongue around to get at the leaves you’re holding. A selfie at that moment would make for a pretty special moment, wouldn’t it? 

So, it’s pretty safe to say there’s no better place to explore the world of animals in their natural habitats than the zoo!

2. Take a Ride on the Zoo Train

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We’d advise jumping on the Zoo train as soon as you get in. Not only because it gives you a nice tour of the place but also because of the knowledge you can gain from the conductor. 

You can learn about the various exhibits and shows taking place in the zoo that day. 

Plus, you might even spot the habitats of the animals you’re most looking forward to seeing and plan your trip accordingly.   

3. Stop by the Gift Shop

The gift shop is the best place to find and purchase some memorabilia for your trip. 

Our advice would be to head to the shop towards the end of your visit to pick up a unique t-shirt or maybe a novelty mug that’ll remind you of the adventure. 

That way, you won’t blow the majority of your budget on buying too many of these trinkets. 

4. Attend Keeper Talks and Shows

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A visit to the zoo can be highly educational if you take part in the right activities. 

Zookeepers often organize multiple talks throughout the day. These are designed to enhance your knowledge about the zoo’s animals and learn interesting facts about them. 

Sometimes zoos also have special shows to entertain visitors. This is when the animals truly shine and show off their talents!  

It’s a great opportunity to see some of the spectacular feats your favorite animals can perform. 

5. Take your Family to Conservation Exhibits

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It’s our responsibility to stay informed about the endangered animals we share our planet with. And your best chance to learn is by attending one of the many conservation exhibits at the zoo. 

In addition to teaching you about the animals, these exhibits go into detail about the current conservation efforts taking place to protect these endangered species. 

6. Grab some Grub

Almost every zoo has a food and drink where you can indulge in a sweet or savory snack for a much-needed refuel. The air-conditioned environment should also give you a nice break from being out in the sun all day. 

Pro tip: Grab some extra water. A zoo visit can involve a lot of walking under the hot sun. The best way to enjoy your visit is to stay hydrated! 

7. Enjoy the Rides

Many zoos these days are like mini amusement parks filled with their own rides. 

If your family seems to be getting tired, there’s no better way to get your energy levels back up! Just get on those rides and feel like a 5 year old again. 

8. Let your Children Enjoy Some Time in the Playgrounds

Another great way to let the kids have some fun on their own is by sending them into the designated play areas littered throughout the zoo. 

Let them try their hand at climbing the monkey bars, splashing in a stream, or making mud pies until they tire themselves out. 

9. Try to Get a Behind the Scenes Tour

The most intriguing aspect of a zoo is understanding how the various animals there are cared for. It can also be fascinating to learn how the caretakers feed every animal according to their specific diet. 

If you, too, are curious about stuff like this and aren’t bound by a tight budget, then you could probably request a behind-the-scenes tour. 

10. Take Part in All the Interactive Exhibits

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If your focus is on educating yourself or your children then interactive exhibits should be on your bucket list.

These exhibits help you stimulate the behavior of real animals and test your knowledge on various topics, including the habitat and diet of various animals and wildlife conservation. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, a trip to the zoo can be both entertaining and educational if you know where to go and what to do. 

With that said, we hope this guide provided you with enough things to do on your next visit to the zoo.

Just remember, it’s all about having fun and learning more about the ecosystem. So feel free to remove any activity you don’t think your family will enjoy when you make your own list. 

Have a great trip!

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