The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a zoological garden spreading over 188 acres. It is considered one of the top attractions in Nashville and is home to numerous animal species worldwide. The zoo began at this location in the 1990s, incorporating the historic Grassmere plantation and farmhouse.

Visitors to the Nashville Zoo can explore a variety of global habitats, ranging from the bamboo forests of China to the grasslands of Africa. The zoo provides close-up views of many intriguing animals, including clouded leopards, red pandas, giraffes, and more. It also offers interactive experiences like the Kangaroo Kickabout, Lorikeet Landing, and Critter Encounters. The historic Grassmere Home and Farm provides a step back in time, offering insight into 19th-century life in the South.

The Nashville Zoo is heavily involved in wildlife conservation, participating in over 20 Species Survival Plans to breed animals in captivity, hoping to eventually reintroduce them to their native habitats. It also supports field conservation projects worldwide to protect threatened species and their habitats. In addition, the zoo emphasizes education and awareness, fostering an understanding of wildlife and conservation among visitors.

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    188 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Alligator Bay || Panther Glade || Tiger Forest || African Oasis || Primate Expedition Cruise || Black Bear Hammock || Fosas of Madagascar
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