Rolling Hills Zoo is near Salina, Kansas, and encompasses 60 acres of well-designed habitats. Established in 1999, the zoo showcases over 100 animal species, including many rare and endangered. The facility also includes a 64,000-square-foot wildlife museum, offering an immersive learning experience. Rolling Hills Zoo is committed to excellence in animal care, conservation, and education, providing a unique blend of live animal exhibits and museum displays.

Visitors to Rolling Hills Zoo are offered an engaging experience with exhibits featuring a diverse collection of animals from across the globe. The zoo's wildlife museum further enriches visitors' experience through lifelike dioramas and interactive displays. Seasonal events, educational programs, animal encounters, and behind-the-scenes tours provide numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and entertainment, making the zoo popular for families.

Rolling Hills Zoo actively participates in conservation initiatives, focusing on species preservation, habitat protection, and sustainability. By collaborating with other zoos, conservation organizations, and researchers, the zoo supports various breeding and conservation programs. Educational outreach and community engagement are integral to the zoo's conservation mission, fostering a sense of responsibility for wildlife and the environment.

  • Zoo Size:
    60 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Pride of the Prairie || African Plains || Australia || South America || North America || Asian Forest || Wildlife Museum || Big Cats || Primates || Children’s Farms || Reptile Building || Avian Adventure || Tram Tour
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    (785) 827-9488
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