The San Francisco Zoo is located in San Francisco, California, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Covering 100 acres, the zoo is home to over 2,000 animals representing more than 250 species. Established in 1929, it serves as a center for education, recreation, and conservation within the Bay Area. Its diverse collection includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates from around the globe.

San Francisco Zoo offers visitors a rich and engaging experience, with exhibits like the African Region, Cat Kingdom, and Primate Discovery Center. The zoo provides daily animal feedings, behind-the-scenes tours, and interactive programs that allow visitors to connect with wildlife. The Children's Zoo, playgrounds, gardens, and the historic Dentzel Carousel offer additional entertainment for families.

The San Francisco Zoo actively participates in conservation efforts, focusing on local and global initiatives. By partnering with other organizations, the zoo works on breeding and reintroduction programs for endangered species and emphasizes habitat preservation. Educational programs at the zoo foster awareness about conservation issues, and the zoo is committed to sustainability practices within its operations.

  • Zoo Size:
    100 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    African Region: Giraffes, Zebras, Lions || Cat Kingdom: Tigers, Snow Leopards || Primate Discovery Center: Gorillas, Chimpanzees || South America: Andean Bears, Capybaras || Australian WalkAbout: Kangaroos, Wallabies || Penguin Island: Magellanic Penguins || Aviary: Tropical Birds || Insect Zoo: Various Insects || Children's Zoo: Petting Zoo, Insect House || Bear Country: Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears
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    (415) 753-7080
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