Situated in Tempe, Arizona, SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is a captivating underwater realm that presents a collection of aquatic habitats from freshwater streams to the open ocean. As a part of the global SEA LIFE brand, the aquarium is characterized by its immersive exhibits, interactive touch tanks, and dedication to marine conservation. Aimed primarily at families with younger children, it serves as both an entertaining and educational destination, revealing the mysteries of the underwater world in a hands-on environment.

At SEA LIFE Arizona, guests are treated to an interactive journey through various aquatic ecosystems. Visitors encounter themed zones, touch pools, and vibrant displays showcasing a myriad of marine and freshwater species as they traverse the facility. The aquarium significantly emphasizes education and engagement, with regular talks, feedings, and hands-on opportunities designed to foster a deeper appreciation for aquatic life. Combining enlightening information and tactile experiences ensures that every trip is fun and informative.

SEA LIFE Arizona is deeply committed to conserving marine and freshwater habitats. As part of the broader SEA LIFE network, the aquarium supports global conservation initiatives, including breeding programs, habitat preservation, and campaigns against marine pollution. The "Breed, Rescue, Protect" ethos is evident in their endeavors, which range from breeding endangered species to participating in rescue operations and advocating for sustainable practices. Through education and outreach, they inspire visitors to join them in taking action to preserve aquatic environments.

  • Zoo Size:
    26,000 sq ft
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Freshwater Discovery || Ocean Tunnel || Bay of Rays || Rocky Shorelines || Tropical Ocean || Interactive Touchpool || Seagrass Spectacular
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    (480) 565-7072
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