Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, within the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, the SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium offers a deep dive into the wonders of underwater worlds. A part of the renowned SEA LIFE brand, the Michigan facility uniquely showcases both local freshwater species and spectacular marine life from oceans around the globe. Created with educational and interactive experiences in mind, the aquarium is an ideal destination for families, students, and anyone curious about the aquatic realm.

Guests visiting SEA LIFE Michigan are taken on a marine journey through specially designed habitats and themed zones. Highlights include the immersive 180-degree underwater ocean tunnel, which allows visitors to walk surrounded by sharks, rays, and various fish. The Interactive Touchpool is another favorite, allowing visitors to feel creatures like starfish and sea urchins. Regularly scheduled educational talks, feeding demonstrations, and interactive displays enhance the overall experience, ensuring visitors leave entertained and informed.

A commitment to marine conservation is at the heart of SEA LIFE Michigan's mission. The aquarium is actively involved in several conservation initiatives adhering to the global SEA LIFE standards. These range from breeding and rescue programs for vulnerable species to various awareness campaigns tackling marine threats like plastic pollution and habitat destruction. Their "Breed, Rescue, Protect" philosophy underscores every initiative, aiming to make meaningful contributions to preserving marine ecosystems and fostering a more informed and conservation-minded public.

  • Zoo Size:
    35,000 sq ft
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Ocean Tunnel || Freshwater Lakes and Rivers Exhibit || Interactive Touchpool || Tropical Ocean Exhibit || Coral Reef Lagoon || Jellyfish Discovery || Shipwreck Exhibit || Seahorse Nursery
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