The Turtle Conservancy, founded in 2005, protects threatened turtles and tortoises and their habitats worldwide. Based in Ojai, California, the Conservancy's work is pivotal in ensuring the survival of these ancient creatures. Their approach combines captive breeding programs and conservation efforts in the wild, offering hope for many species of turtles and tortoises at the brink of extinction.

While the Turtle Conservancy primarily focuses on conservation and research, they also educate the public about the importance of turtles and tortoises and the threats they face. Visitors to the Conservancy's Conservation Center can get close to some of the world's rarest turtles and tortoises, gaining insight into their natural behaviors, diets, and habitats. Guided tours offer detailed information about the species, their conservation status, and the efforts to protect them.

The Turtle Conservancy stands at the forefront of global turtle and tortoise conservation. Their efforts encompass a broad range of activities, from breeding endangered species in captivity to buying and protecting critical habitats in the wild. By partnering with other organizations and local communities, they work towards ensuring a sustainable future for these reptiles. Their comprehensive approach addresses the immediate threats and aims to create a long-term positive impact.

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    Geometric Tortoise Conservation Center || Radiated Tortoise Enclosure || Burmese Star Tortoise Exhibit || Ploughshare Tortoise Habitat || Giant Galápagos Tortoise Exhibit
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