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The Virginia Living Museum is located in Newport News, Virginia. It is an open-air museum showcasing native Virginia animals in their natural habitats. The institution combines aspects of a native wildlife park, science museum, aquarium, botanical preserve, and planetarium. Its mission is to connect people to nature through educational experiences that promote conservation.

Visitors to the Virginia Living Museum can explore indoor and outdoor exhibits that span the mountainous regions to the coastal plains of Virginia. Interactive displays, walking paths, and hands-on learning opportunities abound. Guests can observe animals like red wolves, otters, and bald eagles, as well as explore the Chesapeake Bay's underwater world and the Appalachians' caves. The planetarium offers immersive cosmic experiences, adding to the museum's comprehensive educational approach.

The Virginia Living Museum is committed to preserving Virginia's native species. Through its exhibits and programs, the museum educates visitors about the importance of conservation and each individual's role in preserving Virginia's natural heritage. They also participate in several conservation projects and breeding programs for endangered species native to Virginia.

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    Cypress Swamp || Mountain Cove || Coastal Plain Aviary || Virginia Underground || Appalachian Cove || Chesapeake Bay Touch Tank
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    (757) 595-1900
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