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The Western North Carolina Nature Center is situated in Asheville, North Carolina. Focusing primarily on the plants and animals native to the Southern Appalachian region, it serves as a zoological park and an educational facility. The Center aims to connect people with the natural world, fostering a sense of appreciation for biodiversity.

Western North Carolina Nature Center visitors can expect a mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits, hiking trails, and live animal presentations. The Center also offers several interactive and educational programs to engage all age groups, making it a popular destination for family outings and school trips.

The Western North Carolina Nature Center is committed to conserving local flora and fauna. Their participation in Species Survival Plans, educational programs focused on conservation, and initiatives aimed at habitat restoration reflect their dedication to preserving biodiversity.

  • Zoo Size:
    62 acres
  • Number of Species on Display:
  • Key Exhibits:
    Appalachian Station || Black Bear Ridge || Trillium Nature Garden || Otter Falls || Cougar Salamander
Contact Information
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    (828) 259-8080
  • Website: