ZooMontana, located in Billings, Montana, is a 70-acre wildlife park that focuses on exhibiting species native to the Northern Rockies and other cold-temperature regions. Established in 1995, the zoo emphasizes education, conservation, and recreation. It is home to over 80 animals representing around 56 species. The zoo's exhibits, gardens, and nature trails make it a unique destination for families and enthusiasts.

Visitors to ZooMontana can explore indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring animals in naturalistic environments. The zoo offers various opportunities for interaction, including animal encounters, keeper talks, and educational programs. Visitors can enjoy walking the scenic grounds, exploring beautiful botanical gardens, and participating in seasonal events, making a visit to ZooMontana both entertaining and educational.

ZooMontana is actively involved in wildlife conservation, emphasizing local and regional species. It participates in rehabilitation efforts, captive breeding, and educational outreach to promote understanding and appreciation of wildlife. The zoo collaborates with other organizations and supports field conservation projects, reflecting its commitment to preserving biodiversity in the Northern Rockies and beyond.

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    70 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Montana Trails || Northern Rockies || Sensory Garden || Homestead Barn || Wetlands || Asian Plateau || Beartooth Pass || Wolves of the Rockies || Deininger Tropical Greenhouse || Yellowstone Arboretum || Red Panda Exhibit || Amur Tiger Exhibit
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