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The Birmingham Zoo, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a vibrant 122-acre zoo home to 550+ animals of 180+ species, including many endangered species from six continents. Founded in 1955, it is considered one of AlabamaAlabama'sopular attractions, welcoming over half a million visitors annually. Its mission is to inspire passion for the natural world by emphasizing conservation, education, scientific study, and recreational opportunities.

Visitors to the Birmingham Zoo have a chance to explore a variety of exhibits featuring animals from all over the world. The zoo provides several interactive experiences, such as feeding the giraffes, lorikeets, and flamingos, riding the Red Diamond Express Train, and exploring the Henley Park Splash Pad. The Children’s Zoo allows childChildren'seract with various animals and observes animal care firsthand at the contact yard. Regular shows, educational programs, and events provide more opportunities to learn about wildlife and conservation.

Birmingham Zoo is committed to conservation at both local and global levels. The zoo participates in several Species Survival Plans for endangered species, including the red panda, black-footed ferret, and African elephant. The Birmingham Zoo also supports field conservation efforts, such as the Red Mountain Project, to preserve local native species. Through education and community engagement programs, the zoo fosters awareness and understanding of the natural world and the need for its protection.

  • Zoo Size:
    122 acres
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  • Number of Animals:
  • Key Exhibits:
    Predator Building || Primate Building || Flamingo Lagoon || Sea Lion Habitat || African Savannah || Reptile House|| Children’s Zoo
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