Capron Park Zoo, located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, is a small, city-run zoo serving the local community since 1937. The zoo spans 8 acres within an inviting 20-acre park and is home to various animals worldwide. The zoo aims to excite an interest in the natural world through conservation, education, and recreation.

Visitors to Capron Park Zoo can view various animals from across several continents, with exhibits housing animals ranging from rainforest birds and mammals, to big cats and many more. Its winding paths and beautifully landscaped grounds make it a delight to explore. The zoo also has a splash pad for children to enjoy during the summer months, and it provides educational programs throughout the year for visitors of all ages.

Capron Park Zoo plays a vital role in wildlife conservation and education. The zoo is involved in several Species Survival Plans (SSPs) for threatened and endangered species and supports various conservation projects. They also emphasize educating the public about the importance of biodiversity and the role each species plays in the global ecosystem.

  • Zoo Size:
    8 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Asian Rainforest || African Plains || Tropical Forest || Local Wetlands
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