The Stone Zoo is situated in Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA, and spans 26 acres. Named in memory of Walter D. Stone, a former Zoo Director, the zoo opened its doors in 1905. With a focus on creating engaging and naturalistic exhibits, Stone Zoo is home to more than 200 animals from more than 60 species, including several endangered species like the snow leopard and Mexican gray wolf.

Visitors to Stone Zoo are invited to explore the diverse habitats that house its collection of animals, ranging from the snow-capped Himalayan Highlands to the dense Amazon rainforest. The zoo offers various events, hands-on educational programs, animal encounters, and seasonal attractions. These experiences aim to inspire guests to connect with nature and participate in conservation efforts.

Stone Zoo actively participates in conservation initiatives and collaborates with various organizations to support the protection of endangered species. The zoo fosters an understanding of environmental stewardship through breeding programs, research, and public education. Their efforts extend to supporting in situ projects that help preserve animals in their natural habitats.

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    26 acres
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    Himalayan Highlands || Amazon Rainforest || Windows to the Wild || Treasures of the Sierra Madre || Caribbean Coast || Yukon Creek || African Savannah || Gibbon Exhibit || Birds of Prey || Flamingo Pond
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