The Houston Zoo, located within Hermann Park in Houston, Texas, is one of the most visited zoos in the United States, attracting millions of visitors annually. Established in 1922, the zoo spans approximately 55 acres and is home to over 6,000 animals from over 900 species.

The Houston Zoo is a nonprofit organization committed to creating inspiring encounters with wildlife to encourage conservation action. It aims to provide a fun, unique, inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world.

Visitors can experience animal encounters, keeper talks, and interactive exhibits that provide a deeper understanding of the diverse collection of animals. The zoo offers amenities like restaurants, gift shops, wheelchair rentals, and picnic areas to ensure a comfortable visit. The zoo also hosts various seasonal events and camps for children and adults throughout the year.

The Houston Zoo is committed to conservation and is involved in various local and global initiatives to save wildlife. The zoo participates in projects to save elephants, cheetahs, gorillas, and other endangered species through partnerships with various conservation organizations. It also strongly emphasizes education, offering numerous programs to teach visitors about the animals and their natural habitats.

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    55 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Galápagos Islands || The McNair Asian Elephant Habitat || South America's Pantanal || Texas Wetlands || African Forest || Wortham World of Primates
Zoo Guide Review

Houston Zoo offers a captivating experience with its diverse exhibits and commitment to conservation. Visitors can explore habitats ranging from the African Forest to the lush environments of the Texas Wetlands. The zoo's efforts in wildlife conservation are evident, providing educational insights and enjoying seeing animals up close. Ideal for family outings, it blends educational opportunities with fun. While the zoo is expansive, it's easily navigable, making it possible to see various animals in one visit.

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