The Texas State Aquarium, located in Corpus Christi, Texas, is leading in the United States and is dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and rehabilitation of the wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico. Established in 1990, the facility has grown to encompass approximately 6 acres of exhibits, and it is one of the largest and most respected aquariums in Texas.

The Texas State Aquarium's mission is to engage people with animals, inspire an appreciation for our seas, and support wildlife conservation. It serves as an educational resource, a conservator of marine life, and a hub for tourism.

The Texas State Aquarium visitors can experience close encounters with various animals, dive shows, animal feedings, and interactive exhibits. There are also numerous educational programs, including summer camps, school programs, and outreach programs, furthering the aquarium's mission of educating the public about marine life and conservation.

The Texas State Aquarium is deeply committed to wildlife conservation and rescue efforts. It operates the Wildlife Rescue and Recovery Center, which rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife. The aquarium is also involved in numerous conservation initiatives, including coral reef conservation, sea turtle rescue, and conservation education programs.

  • Zoo Size:
    6.3 acres
  • Number of Species on Display:
  • Number of Animals:
  • Key Exhibits:
    Caribbean Journey || Dolphin Bay || Islands of Steel || Eagle Pass| | Otter Creek
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