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Marineland Dolphin Adventure, in Florida, was one of the first oceanariums ever opened. Originally established as Marine Studios in 1938, it served as a film studio for underwater films and has evolved into a leading marine animal park. Over the decades, Marineland has transitioned from an entertainment focus to an emphasis on education, research, and marine life conservation.

Visitors to Marineland Dolphin Adventure are greeted with a unique and intimate experience with dolphins. Beyond the typical viewing of these graceful marine mammals, guests have opportunities for up-close encounters, including swimming and interactive programs. Knowledgeable trainers and staff offer informative presentations, ensuring that each guest leaves with a deeper understanding and appreciation of marine life.

Marineland places a significant emphasis on conservation and the protection of marine habitats. They've been instrumental in various research initiatives, particularly focusing on dolphin behavior, communication, and health. Partnerships with universities and marine organizations have further propelled their contributions to marine science, leading to improved care methods for marine species in captivity and the wild.

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