White Oak Conservation Center is located in Yulee, Florida and spans 17,000 acres. It's recognized for its dedication to wildlife conservation and specializes in the conservation and care of threatened and endangered species, both native and exotic. The center operates with a holistic approach to conservation, combining breeding, research, and training with habitat restoration and protection efforts.

Although White Oak is primarily a conservation facility, it offers limited public tours, giving visitors a chance to learn about their conservation efforts and get up close with some animals. The experience is immersive, educational, and tailored to promote the importance of wildlife conservation. Guided tours, events, and educational programs offer an in-depth look into the work behind the scenes.

White Oak has a long history of successful breeding programs for various endangered species. Their efforts have resulted in significant achievements for species like the Florida panther, okapi, rhinoceros, and cheetah. They work collaboratively with other organizations worldwide, sharing their knowledge and expertise to further global conservation objectives.

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    17,000 acres
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