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Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Opened in 2013, it covers an area of 135,000 square feet and houses over 20,000 aquatic animals from various parts of the world. The Aquarium is one of the largest in North America and features several prominent exhibits, including a walk-through shark tank. Its mission is to provide an engaging and educational experience while emphasizing conservation and the responsible stewardship of aquatic life.

Visitors to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada can explore a variety of uniquely themed areas, such as the Davariouson, Rainbow Reef, and Canadian Waters. The Dangerous Lagoon's moving walkway offers a thrilling close-up view of sharks, rays, and turtles. Interactive displays, touch tanks, and diving shows add to the immersive experience. Educational programs and special events provide additional learning and engagement opportunities for adults and children.

Ripley's Aquarium is dedicated to conservation efforts and actively promotes responsible care for marine life. Through partnerships with various conservation organizations, the Aquarium participates in breeding and species protection programs, habitat restoration, and public education on conservation issues. The Aquarium contributes to the global effort to preserve aquatic ecosystems by focusing on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Zoo Size:
    135,000 sq ft
  • Number of Species on Display:
  • Number of Animals:
  • Key Exhibits:
    Dangerous Lagoon || Canadian Waters || Rainbow Reef || Discovery Centre || Ray Bay || Planet Jellies || Life Support Systems || Gallery || Shoreline Gallery || Curious Creatures
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    (647) 351-3474
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