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Discovery Cove, located in Orlando, Florida, is a unique theme park and marine attraction operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Unlike traditional zoos or theme parks, Discovery Cove operates as an all-inclusive day resort, allowing visitors to interact with marine life, including dolphins, stingrays, and many tropical fish. The park opened in 2000 and is spread over 35 acres, creating a paradise of rocky lagoons, tropical reefs, winding rivers, waterfalls, and pristine sandy beaches.

Visitors to Discovery Cove have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various unique experiences. The park's signature attraction is the Dolphin Lagoon, where guests can swim and interact with bottlenose dolphins. The Grand Reef offers snorkeling among rays and tropical fish, while the Freshwater Oasis features otters and marmosets. The Explorer's Aviary allows guests to interact with exotic birds, and the Serenity Bay provides a tranquil swimming area. The all-inclusive format includes meals, drinks, and equipment rentals, providing a seamless and relaxed visitor experience.

Discovery Cove is dedicated to conservation and animal rescue efforts, working alongside SeaWorld's rescue and rehabilitation program. The park also supports international conservation organizations and projects through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Through its interactive experiences and animal encounters, Discovery Cove fosters a deeper appreciation for marine life and the importance of protecting these incredible species and their habitats.

  • Zoo Size:
    35 acres
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  • Key Exhibits:
    Dolphin Lagoon || Grand Reef || Wind-Away River || Freshwater Oasis || Explorer's Aviary || Serenity Bay
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