Natural Encounters, Inc. (NEI), located in Winter Haven, Florida, is a company that specializes in animal training and behavior. Founded by renowned animal behaviorist Steve Martin, NEI offers a wide range of professional animal training services, conducts avian training workshops, and develops free-flight bird shows for zoos and other facilities. Their extensive facilities are designed to provide optimal care for various bird species.

While Natural Encounters, Inc. is primarily a professional animal training facility, they occasionally offer educational experiences like Training for Professionals workshops. These workshops allow professionals from zoos, aquariums, and related fields to learn about modern animal training techniques, animal care, and enrichment. However, NEI is not a zoo or a public attraction, so general visitor experiences or public tours are not typically available.

NEI actively supports various conservation projects and organizations. They contribute to conservation efforts through direct donations and by participating in fundraising events. The organization is committed to promoting conservation awareness and uses bird shows as an educational platform to inspire appreciation for the natural world.

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