SeaWorld Orlando is a marine zoological park and theme park in Orlando, Florida. It is a part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, aiming to provide interactive and educational experiences relating to the marine environment. SeaWorld Orlando is a popular family destination and a key marine research and conservation center.

The park offers an assortment of rides, animal exhibits, and shows. From roller coasters like "Mako" to marine animal shows featuring killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions, the park provides a variety of experiences. There are also interactive programs where visitors can have up-close encounters with some marine animals, enriching their understanding of marine biology.

SeaWorld Orlando operates multiple conservation programs. It has a rescue and rehabilitation program that takes care of injured or orphaned marine animals to return them to the wild. The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund supports wildlife research, habitat protection, animal rescue, and conservation education worldwide.

  • Zoo Size:
    200 acres
  • Number of Species on Display:
  • Number of Animals:
  • Key Exhibits:
    Alligator Habitat || Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin® || Dolphin Cove || Dolphin Nursery || Flamingo Cove || Jewel of the Sea Aquarium || Manatee Rehabilitation Area || Manta Aquarium || Orca Underwater Viewing || Pacific Point Preserve || Pelican Preserve || SeaWorld Coral Rescue Center || SeaWorld Rescue Center || Shark Encounter || Stingray Lagoon || Wild Arctic®
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    (407) 545-5550
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