Puffin “Nemo” Shines On-Screen

Summary: – Introduction to Nemo the Horned Puffin and the ASLC Virtual Visits commercial – The captivating behavior and characteristics of puffins – The special

Extraordinary Otter Pup Patient Admitted

Summary: 1. A second female northern sea otter pup has been admitted to the ASLC Wildlife Response Program. 2. The pup was orphaned after being

Omg, sea otter pup update!

Sea Otter Pup Update: Discover the Adorable World of Sea Otter Pups – Sea otter pups are undeniably cute but possess powerful chompers designed for

Updated: Kenai Sea Otter Pup Patient

Sea Otter Pup Patient Update – The pup was found abandoned and is now under the care of our staff – Her blood glucose levels