Remembering Josie The Baird’s Tapir

Summary of Remembering Josie Baird’s Tapir: The Brevard Zoo announced the euthanization of Josie, their 30-year-old female Baird’s tapir, due to health issues related to

Cricket’s Path to Diabetes Remission

Summary of Cricket’s Journey to Diabetic Remission: The Brevard Zoo, an independent non-profit organization, emphasizes the importance of specialized diets for the health and wellbeing-

Release Of Two Green Sea Turtles

Summary of Releasing Two Green Sea Turtles: The Brevard Zoo announced a double sea turtle release on Wednesday, December 13, featuring juvenile green sea turtles

Uniting Impalas in Distress

Summary of Bringing Together Impalas in Need: The Brevard Zoo is requesting donations to help provide meals for their animals this holiday season and highlights

Harley’s Nutritional Recovery Plan

Summary of Helping Harley Recover Through Nutrition: Brevard Zoo highlights the importance of specialized diets in the recovery and growth of their animals, showcasing Harley,

Welcoming A New Black Howler Baby

Summary of Welcoming a Black Howler Monkey Baby: The Brevard Zoo‘s black howler monkey troop recently celebrated the birth of a new baby, delivered by

Discover Brevard Zoo Education!

Summary of Explore Our Education Experiences! – Brevard Zoo: Brevard Zoo offers interactive adventures where guests can engage with animals and learn about their care.

Exploring Primate Evolution Secrets

Summary of Unlocking the Mysteries of Primate Evolution: The Brevard Zoo, in collaboration with the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech), has been researching black-handed

New Giraffe Joins The Tower

Summary of Welcoming a New Giraffe to the Tower: The giraffe population at Brevard Zoo has increased as they welcome Tisa, a 1-year-old female Masai