Introducing Shelley: The Brazil Porcupine

Summary of Meet the Animal: Shelley the Brazilian Porcupine: The article introduces readers to Shelley, a 3-year-old prehensile-tailed porcupine at Brevard Zoo. Shelley is one

Hoof Trim Training-For People

Summary of Hoof Trim Training for People: Brevard Zoo in Africa recently sent two animal care team members, Morgan Thums and Savannah Luhn, to the

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Success Continues

Summary of Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Success – Again!: The Florida grasshopper sparrow breeding season at the Brevard Zoo has been successful, with 65 birds hatched

Remembering Stormy at Brevard Zoo

Summary of Remembering Stormy – Brevard Zoo: The content discusses the euthanization of Stormy, a black howler monkey at the zoo. Stormy was 19 years

Enhancing Our Animal Wellbeing with CT

Summary of Adding a CT to Our Animal Wellbeing Offerings: Brevard Zoo has installed a new computerized tomography (CT) scanner at its L3Harris Animal Care

Rafiki’s New Shoes at Brevard Zoo

Summary of Rafiki’s New Shoes – Brevard Zoo: The content discusses the ongoing care provided to a 25-year-old bull giraffe named Rafiki, who is experiencing